ZippSlip simplifies parents communications, eliminates paper and reduces costs.

From desktop to smartphone, ZippSlip provides schools and districts with the ability to communicate with parents and colleagues, obtain consents and approvals, and track these interactions.ZippSlip is secure and can be used in a range of applications including:

  • Online school registration
  • Permission slips 
  • Student health forms
  • Athletic forms and signups
  • Multimedia communications – Flyers, mass notifications
  • Online payments for activities
  • Internal forms for administrative applications

Broad access: Multimedia, multilingual and multi-device

With SMS/text, video, images, recorded voice and e-mail messaging, ZippSlip can help districts reach all parents. Browsers and apps provide access over any device.

ZippSlip is also easily customizable for special forms and new applications. So, gone are the days of standing at the copier producing expensive and time-consuming forms, flyers and registration packets.

Unify, simplify and lower costs

Single purpose applications increase costs and complexity. ZippSlip is easy to use while providing a range of communications features.

ZippSlip is HIPAA and FERPA compliant and it integrates with your SIS.

COVID Tracking for Your District.

ZippSlip offers a solution, available to all schools and districts in the US, to electronically collect and track COVID symptoms and risk information from the parents of students attending the school. Learn More 

Lots of Other Features.

Surveys and attendance tracking are all existing features that provide schools and districts with a fully-featured online function for virtually all school communications. With ZippSlip, schools and districts can save money by retiring the many costly, clunky and disconnected existing systems with one tool.

Easy, flexible and low-cost – ZippSlip takes the paper out of school paperwork!

Watch ZippSlip in action

Then explore how your school can benefit from using ZippSlip

“As soon as we introduced ZippSlip in our Intermediate Schools, we had calls from parents saying please implement it in the High Schools and Primary Schools. Same with our teachers and administrators – they love it!”

Cal Heminway,
Chairman of the Board, Granby Public School


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