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  • Book a Demo or get a Quote

    ZippSlip is a fully integrated system with incredible functionality that can transform a host of paper-based forms into online. By arranging a demo, you can see how ZippSlip works for schools and districts and the potential it has to transform administration in your school. Or maybe you just want to know the bottom line, and… Read more »

  • School Emergency Alerts

    Sometimes you need to contact all of your parents, quickly and reliably. Whether it’s extreme weather, a fire, a lock-down or worse, you need a reliable and powerful system that you can use immediately. ZippSlip’s mass notification and emergency communication (MNEC) system is robust and scalable and can be used to phone, email or text… Read more »

  • Student Registration

    Registering new students or re-enrolling existing ones, is one of the main administrative headaches for schools. It usually involves multiple forms and a ‘beginning of the year packet’ which can run often run to over one hundred pages. Getting these out to parents is a mammoth task, not to mention chasing them all back in… Read more »

  • Permission slips with payments

    District:  Avon Public Schools, Pine Ridge Elementary, 663 students Description: A total of 14 field trips for multiple grades and classes in 2015-2016 school year. Each trip included 40 to 150 students. The cost per student for a field trip ranged from $1 to $20 and payments were made by cash, check and credit card. Solution… Read more »

  • Environmentally friendly

    The education system in general and schools in particular, tend to use a lot of paper 34 billion pieces of paper a year is a recent estimate and of course, every piece of paper has to have something printed on it. And as ink is ounce for ounce, twice as much as Chanel No. 5,… Read more »

  • Student Registration

    District: Large USA School District – Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia 75 schools totalling 50,000+ students Description: Every August, school administrators had to distribute 7 forms per student PLUS 21 informational PDF documents, totalling 101 pages of paper in total per student. Forms were frequently incorrectly completed or damaged and the process could linger for weeks… Read more »

  • Schedules

    District: Large County Public Schools District, 50,000 students Description: Distribution of school bus schedules to parents Solution ZippSlip’s Schedules module. The process now goes as follows: An administrator creates a form in ZippSlip and imports data from the districts’ bus schedule application. The created form then builds individualized schedules for each student. The administrator makes the form… Read more »

  • Health Forms

    District: Multiple Districts Description: The collection of student medical information and being able to provide reports to key players – teachers, supervisors, external medical staff – accurately and quickly Solution ZippSlip’s Student Health Forms module. The process now goes as follows: Districts are able to collect sensitive and critically important information on student medical history,… Read more »

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  • Terms and Conditions is a voluntary, secure web service offered by your school herein referred to as the “school” which provides a communications framework wherein: Parents and students (you) provide information requested by your school about you by receiving, completing, and returning electronic forms, sometimes with an associated agreement of consent or authorization which you give by… Read more »