ZippSlip was established in 2012 by two computer system developers (who were also parents) who saw the opportunity to optimise and simplify school-to-parent communications.

Frustrated by the volume and repetitive nature of school paperwork, they set about developing ZippSlip which would make schools more efficient and make life easier for parents.

Designed from the outset to work on smart phones and tablets, ZippSlip allows schools to send out all their parental forms digitally, and parents can respond using any device, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to keep supplying the same information over and over again. Schools too can save time and money by reducing data input and significantly reducing paperwork, printing and mailing costs. ZippSlip helps improve the accuracy of school records and enhances reporting ability for internal and external purposes.

ZippSlip is now used by over a million people throughout the United States, Europe and beyond, with more countries starting to use the system all the time. Districts and schools consistently report improved efficiency and reduced spend.

ZippSlip Inc. is headquartered in Virginia, USA, with international offices in Brussels, Belgium and Melbourne, Australia.