District: Multiple Districts

Description: The collection of student medical information and being able to provide reports to key players – teachers, supervisors, external medical staff – accurately and quickly


ZippSlip’s Student Health Forms module. The process now goes as follows:

  • Districts are able to collect sensitive and critically important information on student medical history, health conditions, allergies and prescription usage, using Zippslip
  • Parents are able to supply information via ZippSip and can keep information up-to-date including vaccinations and changes in prescribed medicines
  • Information collected is stored safely and is compliant with HIPPA and FERPA


  • Medical information is always up-to-date and available to multiple people simultaneously – school nurses, teaching staff both in school and remotely on field trips or sports events
  • Students with medical conditions will receive the optimum treatment in a timely manner which reduces potential pain and suffering and in extreme circumstances, can save lives
  • Reports can be generated internally at school level or at district level

Legacy Paper Process

  • Collecting medical information on paper is very risky including issues with security, accuracy and illegible handwriting
  • Records are often held by school administrators and school nurses rather than with teachers and other first responders in medical emergency situations
  • It’s difficult for teachers to update records regularly after external appointments