District:  Avon Public Schools, Pine Ridge Elementary, 663 students

Description: A total of 14 field trips for multiple grades and classes in 2015-2016 school year. Each trip included 40 to 150 students. The cost per student for a field trip ranged from $1 to $20 and payments were made by cash, check and credit card.


ZippSlip’s Permission Slips and Payments module

  • An administrator creates an event with the details of the field trip. A generic permission form in ZippSlip, created only once by the school, can be used for all field trips.
  • The adminstrator or teacher publishes the event to the parents of the students allowed to attend. The event includes details on payments.
  • ZippSlip automatically notifies parents of the slip via email and text.
  • Parents use their browsers and apps to respond to the field trip. They may choose to pay by credit card, in which case the transaction is entirely electronic. Cash and check payments are returned with the students.
  • Students with cash and check payments deliver these to the teacher or administrator who enters the amount in ZippSlip. The system automatically sends a receipt to the parent.


  • ZippSlip saves teachers hours compared to the old paper system
  • Parents tend to respond instantly
  • It eliminates the need for students to handle paperwork
  • More students are able to attend trips as paperwork and payments are in order

Legacy paper process

  • Print permission slip for each student to deliver to parents. Each teacher was required to distribute the blank forms.
  • Parents completed the permission slip and returned it with students.
  • Teachers would remind students and collect returned forms which may take days or weeks.
  • Returned forms would be filed. Teachers would also collect cash and check payments and used a ledger to record them.
  • Before the field trip, teachers would determine which students have permission slips and these students would attend the trip.