District: Large County Public Schools District, 50,000 students

Description: Distribution of school bus schedules to parents


ZippSlip’s Schedules module. The process now goes as follows:

  • An administrator creates a form in ZippSlip and imports data from the districts’ bus schedule application. The created form then builds individualized schedules for each student.
  • The administrator makes the form available on ZippSlip for viewing by parents.
  • Parents simply view the schedule for each student including pick time and location for the morning, and drop off time and location in the afternoon.
  • Schedules may have multiple hops for students going to magnet or special ED schools.

Benefits of using ZippSlip

  • Eliminates distribution of paper schedules
  • Offers mobile app convenience for parents
  • Updates schedule changes electronically
  • Automates sending to new families
  • Savings in printing 50,000+ pages.
  • Customized by student vs. parent having to decipher an entire schedule.
  • Much more convenient for the parent.

Legacy paper process

  • The district prints and distributes school bus schedules for each school
  • Parents receive these schedules in the mail or may call the school to ask for this information.