Large USA School District – Henrico County, Richmond, Virginia
75 schools totalling 50,000+ students

Every August, school administrators had to distribute 7 forms per student PLUS 21 informational PDF documents, totalling 101 pages of paper in total per student. Forms were frequently incorrectly completed or damaged and the process could linger for weeks well into the school year, with multiple administrative follow-ups to complete the process. In some cases, the wrong information was entered to simply complete the registration.


ZippSlip’s Online Registration module. The process now goes as follows

District team

  • Creates parental student registration forms online – a ONE-TIME ONLY task. Forms are easy to update from the prior year. Annual updating only on forms that are changing
  • ZippSlip uses an automated export/import data from the SIS into forms – this means parents receive forms with pre-filled data
  • Parents receive an e-mail notification to review their documents online


  • Electronically review and edit pre-filled forms
  • ZippSlip checks for valid entries and enforces mandatory fields
  • ZippSlip only allows submission of forms when they are completed


  • All forms can be viewed online with no need for filing cabinets!
  • ZippSlip automatically experts changed records to the SIS

Benefits of using ZippSlip

  • Hundreds of hours of labor saved in creating packets and processing returned packets
  • With 50,000 students, potential saving of printing 5M+ pages of paper: 101 pages of PDF, 7 forms for 50,000 students
  • Significant reduction in error rates in forms
  • Much faster response rates: paper registration typically continued well into October. ZippSlip electronic registration is completed by end of August, before school starts
  • 95% of parents complete student registrations in ZippSlip accurately and on time
  • Much more convenient for the parents – ZippSlip can be used on all mobile devices (iOS, Android and Windows)

Legacy paper process

  • District prints and collates documents and forms
  • District mails documents to parents and makes packets available to parents at schools
  • Parents complete the forms
  • Parents must go to the school and submit the forms in person
  • Schools then manually review returned forms and enter form data manually into the SIS

Issues with paper process

  • A large amount of labour involved in:
    • Printing and distributing packets
    • Reviewing and entering returned data into SIS
  • Errors made by parents on paper forms, such as invalid phone numbers, missing answers, invalid email addresses, etc. Review of manually entered data showed an error rate of approximately 10% of forms with missing answers, invalid phone numbers and email addresses
  • Delay of several weeks after school starts before all the registration packets are returned