Administrators and Educators

How does a user access ZippSlip?

Access is through any commonly used browser – IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari – on PCs, MACs, tablets and smartphones. ZippSlip also support apps for parents on Apple and Android smart phones.

What kinds of forms are supported?

Any paper form sent to parents can be replaced with an on-line ZippSlip form. Some examples: Student registration, field trip permissions, athletic forms and sign-ups, emergency contact forms, medical forms, device use agreements, etc.

Do you support Spanish and other languages?

Yes. We support multiple languages. Parents choose their preference and ZippSlip automatically displays content in the selected language.

How do you put forms into ZippSlip?

A drag and drop forms builder allows administrators to quickly build electronic forms. ZippSlip handles the formatting of the forms on different screens. ZippSlip Support will build all the forms you need before the system is launched.

Can you integrate with my SIS?

Yes. The minimal requirement is that your SIS supports file based import and export for user and form data, which is true for most SIS applications. In most cases, very little IT support is required. ZippSlip offers other integration options for import and export – please contact us for more information.

How are parent accounts created?

Three methods are supported. School and district administrators choose one of these methods: a) parents can create their own accounts with a self-help process. b) parents are offered pre-configured accounts. c) ZippSlip supports single sign-on. Contact ZippSlip for more information.

How does ZippSlip support payments?

Credit card/debit card, as well as cash and check payments are supported. Credit/debit payments are deposited into the school or district merchant account. ZippSlip sends email receipts automatically on payments by parents.

Does ZippSlip notify parents by email and text?

Yes. ZippSlip uses email and text notifications when forms are published to inform parents of the availability of the forms. ZippSlip can also be used for mass email and text notifications to allow administrators to communicate with parents quickly and efficiently.

What about security and privacy?

ZippSlip keeps all data securely and never shares the data with third parties. ZippSlip complies with HIPAA and FERPA requirements.

How long does it take to deploy ZippSlip at a school or district?

ZippSlip can be deployed in hours or days. ZippSlip support does all the work in configuring the school or districts forms. Import of data to create accounts is equally easy, requiring minimal support from the school or district’s IT team.

Can more than one parent in the family access an account?

A parent (family) account supports one or two parents, each with their own login credentials. Family accounts have access to student communications for all the students in the family. Students in the family may be in one or multiple schools in the district.

Can ZippSlip send to specific groups of parents?

Yes. Groups are supported at the school and district level. Groups are created automatically using imports from the SIS. Alternatively, administrators can manually create groups in the system. Typical examples of groups are “Grade level”, “Homeroom teacher”, “Class”, etc. An staff user can select the appropriate group and send information and forms to parents of the students in the groups.

Does ZippSlip support multi-media in parent updates? Video and images?

Yes. Administrators and educators can use ZippSlip to send videos, images and text to parents.

Can I eliminate paperwork within our school and district?

Yes. Our Internal Forms module supports internal workflows and forms.


I forgot my password. How do I get a new password?

Use the “Forgot your Password?” link below the password field on your ZippSlip login page. Follow the instructions: you will need to enter your login ID (email) to get a new password.

How do I find the login page?

Use the “Login” button on Enter your state and on the following page, enter the name of your district. Select the district- this will take you to your login page. Your school should also have a link to the login page on the school website.

What about security and privacy?

ZippSlip makes your information available to designated administrators or teachers at your student’s school. ZippSlip never shares this information with third parties.

I cannot remember the email address I used to login.

Contact or use the contact page on the website for help. Please provide the name of your district, school and student name.

I no longer have access to my login email address and I must change it.

If you can login into ZippSlip, you can change your email address on your settings page. On the top right, click your name and a menu list will appear with “Profile” as an option. Click this option and you will see your profile page with “Primary Email (Login ID)” at the top. You may edit this field and save the page.

If you cannot login, contact or use the contact page on the website for help. Please provide the name of your district, school and student name.

I forgot my signature PIN and I need a new one.

You can reset your PIN from a form: in the signature section at the bottom of the form, you will see the “Change your Electronic ZippPIN here” link. Click this and follow the instructions.

You can also reset your PIN from your profile page: after you login, go to the top right of the page, click on your name and select Profile. Click the “Change Electronic ZippPIN” and follow instructions.