ZippSlip Parent Communications Module helps schools reach groups of parents – both small and large – for simple and straightforward communications and announcements.

ZippGrams provide a template to tell everybody about, for example, school social events like Homecoming, Prom or a big football game. These types of communications frequently just need a fun, one-way communication that allows the use of video or pictures or attachments – but still with the ability to track who received what. Schools can be confident that the announcement was delivered safely, swiftly and to the right people – all these communications can be tracked and opens collated just like permission slips.

With the ZippSlip Parent Communications Module, schools and districts have two options:

  • ZippSlip Standard Comms – it’s free and the perfect tool for classroom-sized groups to communication across multiple digital channels in a safe and secure manner.
  • ZippSlip Professional Comms – designed for entire schools and school districts for class, school or district-wide announcements such as graduation, school holiday schedules, etc.

Find out how ZippSlip is the answer

As soon as we introduced ZippSlip in our Intermediate Schools, we had calls from parents saying please implement it in the High Schools and Primary Schools. Same with our teachers and administrators – they love it!

Cal Heminway Chairman of the Board, Granby Public School