The ZippSlip Payments module allows schools and district to collect fees for events, field trips, school lunches or any other activity requiring payments.

Whether is via a credit card, PayPal or other online payment system – or even cash or check. Credit card, debit card and other electronic forms of payment can be handled straight from the mobile or ZippSlip desktop applications. The payments made by cash or check can be manually entered so that each event or activity can be tallied all in one place.

ZippSlip Payments is only available via the purchase of the Permissions Professional Module. ZippSlip does not charge additional fees or convenience charges.

Find out how ZippSlip is the answer

We used ZippSlip to send out all forms for Field Day. Usually, we have to send paper and it takes weeks to get responses from parents and sometimes they don’t come in at all. But with ZippSlip it was so quick. Within an hour we had over 80 parent volunteers! We actually had to send out a ZippGram to parents saying we did not need any more volunteers.

Karl Gates, Teacher, F.M. Kearns Primary, Granby Public Schools