Electronic Permission Slips is the cornerstone of the ZippSlip Platform.

Whether it’s field trips, sports team permissions, or any number of other parental consent forms, ZippSlip allows school administrators and teachers to safely, securely and quickly obtain those permissions electronically. Permission slips can be sent to any device, from desktop to smartphone, allowing parents to respond immediately.

Tracking of the permissions is easy, and sending reminders is even easier.

With just a couple clicks, administrators and teachers can see who has responded, who has special requests and who has paid if fees are required. Yes, ZippSlip can collect and track all forms of electronic or manual payment. No more chasing those paper slips that get lost in the backpack, the park or who knows where!

Creating permission slip forms is flexible and straightforward.

One form or many may be created at the school or district level and be reused over and over again. Permission slips may include virtually any type of content including video, PDF attachments or almost anything that a teacher may want to include to allow parents to easily click Yes or No.

Tracking individual permission slips can be confined to only those administrators and teachers who need to know, thus keeping any information confidential. ZippSlip is HIPAA and FERPA compliant, and all student and school data remained securely protected with only those with a need and right to know to have access to appropriate data.

ZippSlip does not share or any way allow access to school or district to any outside third party.

Find out how ZippSlip is the answer

“We used ZippSlip to send out all forms for Field Day. Usually, we have to send paper and it takes weeks to get responses from parents and sometimes they don’t come in at all. But with ZippSlip it was so quick. Within an hour we had over 80 parent volunteers! We actually had to send out a ZippGram to parents saying we did not need any more volunteers.”

Karl Gates, Teacher, F.M. Kearns Primary, Granby Public Schools