Collecting, storing and updating student health data is a critically important job for schools and Districts.

Being able to provide accurate and timely information to teachers, supervisors, external medical staff and first responders, can literally save lives.Storing health data on paper can be very risky as it can be written in illegible handwriting, can be out of date, or simply in the wrong place. Using ZippSlip, Student Health Forms can be created and stored digitally ensuring that crucial information on medical history, health conditions, as well as allergies and prescription medication.

Parents can easily update their children’s records to include latest vaccination and any change in medical circumstances, and be rest assured that the data is stored safely – all of our data storage methods comply with HIPPA and FERPA.

With ZippSlip, Districts and schools can be assured that they are handling such sensitive data in the very best way possible, and parents can relax in the knowledge that their children will receive the correct treatment when they are away from the home.

ZippSlip really is the best answer!

Find out how ZippSlip is the answer

The simplicity of the program and the support staff have made our jobs easier when it comes to communicating to our parents and staff. With today’s technology, parents love that they can get notices or sign a permission slip from the comfort of their phone or computer. We highly recommend this program to any school or business.

Annie Wood Administrative Assistant, Pine Ridge School District