Why ZippSlip

  • Accessible

    Mobile, tablets browsers

  • Cost-effective

    Eliminates paper, saves time

  • Secure

    Data & payments vs. paper & cash

  • Flexible

    Configure any form or use a template

  • Comprehensive

    One stop communications

  • Parent-Friendly

    High adoption & engagement

  • Flexibility

    Choose from dozens of templates

  • Customization

    Easily customize forms for any purpose

  • Work smarter, not harder

    Leverage existing student/family info to pre-populate forms

  • Digital Connectivity

    Send emails, text messages, and reminders to parents

  • Save Time

    Save time by increasing compliance and accuracy

  • Easier, Secure Payments

    Collect fees securely online versus cash and checks

Parental Communications

  • Form Packets and Events: for registration, field trips and other permissions.
  • ZippGrams: multimedia communications to parents, including videos, images and polls
  • Email and Text Notifications: mass notifications including acknowledgement
  • Parental Excuse Notes: electronic notes from parents on student attendance, eliminates voice mail and paper excuse notes

Internal Approvals for Staff

  • Forms Kiosk: allows staff to submit any internal form for approval from one or more administrators. Includes workflow.
  • Mandatory Employee Forms: electronically distribute forms to staff and track completion.

Parent Communicator

Quickly and Easily View and Respond

ZippSlip’s Communications System enables administrators to efficiently reach parents regarding field trip permissions, team sign-ups, payment requests, surveys and other school-related information.

Parents can quickly view and respond right from their smartphone, tablet or computer, significantly reducing effort and cost to the district.

Today, hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers and administrators around the world use forms powered by ZippSlip with adoption rates exceeding 95%. And ZippSlip is 100% cloud. That means no lengthy, expensive implementations. If you have Internet access, you have Zippslip.

ZippSlip is also FERPA Compliant, fully secure, and cloud based.

Available on a subscription per-student basis regardless of number of users.


  • Eliminates all paperwork with parents
  • Reduces administrative time and costs
  • Enables Anytime, anywhere access – smartphones, tablets or PCs
  • Simplifies communication with Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Facilitates payments from parents
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Increases accuracy and consistency of data
  • Scales to any size school district
  • Implements in days, not months
  • Integrates with SIS


Student Registration

ZippSlip can take SIS student registration data and present it to parents for review. Returned information is tagged with changes and may be automatically pushed to the SIS. The process is faster and more accurate than using paper.

ZippSlip also allows publishing of registration packets at the district level, and processing of returned information at the appropriate school.

Data changed by the parent can be selectively updated to the SIS. ZippSlip’s solution dramatically reduces the labor involved in distributing forms, collecting imported forms and updating of the SIS.
Ditch the old forms and save time, money, paper, and postage. ZippSlips digital forms integrates school information and provides an easy and seamless way to fill out information, across an array of devices.

Student Health / Safety Information

ZippSlip’s HIPAA/FERPA compliant system electronically connects nurses and staff to parents to keep critical student health information current and easily accessible on dashboards.

With ZippSlip, critical student health issues such as food allergies, medication and other conditions are made available to the appropriate staff automatically. Parents may update this information at any time from their portal or app and nurses and teachers of the student are made aware immediately. This approach is far more efficient and, more importantly, safer than paper based processes.

Personalized notifications

Send email and text and multimedia notifications to parents. Provide the information to parents on bus schedules, school activities, updates from the principal, etc. ZippSlip allows sharing of this and other information specific to their students.

ZippSlip not only allows administrators to pick specific groups, it can also merge student specific information imported from other applications.

ZippSlip Permission Form

Permission Slips for Field Trips, Athletic Programs, Arts Programs and Other Sign-Ups

Go online for permission slips all your school activity sign-ups. Collect payments for school activities, special programs, AP exams, etc. Parents and teachers love the convenience.

ZippSlip notifies parents via email and text when new items are sent by schools, reminds parents as deadlines approach, provides summary views to teachers and administrators which show which parents have responded, which have not, payment information, etc.

Internal Forms, Approvals and Workflow

Eliminate the paperwork for any approvals process involving forms and one more approvers within the school or district. Examples include employee agreements, vacation requests, special program approvals, etc.

With the Internal Forms module, school staff will see all mandatory forms that must be completed. Administrators can track who have or have not completed these forms.

Many internal processes involve requests initiated by staff. For these cases, ZippSlip supports a ‘kiosk’ approach where a user can select a form and submit it for online approval. Each form can be configured with one or more approvers in a workflow specific to the form. Approvers at school level or district level are supported. Furthermore, approvers may ask submitters to accept, modify or reject requests and all is tracked online.

Product Details

Forms Components

  • Builder: drag and drop editor to create any forms
  • Library: at the district and school level
  • Search: find any form returned by any parent
  • Fields: auto-fill for any field such as Name, Address, Dates, multi-select, etc.


  • Print: print and sort any form to pdf
  • Import/Export: securely exchange data with the SIS or other applications. Import and export from Excel. Form and user data can be accessed selectively for import and export.


  • Credit/Debit, Cash or Check payments
  • Any number of payments items, optional payments
  • One or more school/district accounts
  • Tracking of all transactions


  • Support for English, Spanish, French, Korean and other languages
  • Parent selection of desired languages

Browsers and Apps

  • Support for all major browsers
  • iOS and Android apps

Class To Home Parent Engagement

Classroom to Home

ZippSlip lets teachers send messages and classroom materials directly to parents’ smartphones so they know what their child is learning in class each day. Teachers can automate or customize the messages to include notes, videos, and even guiding questions that can help parents discuss what they are learning in class.